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Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy healthy organic Canary Island food.


Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy healthy organic Canary Island food. Our dishes are “KM 0”, with many ingredients grown or raised right here on our farm.


Our restaurant is located amidst a forest of century-old Mt. Atlas mastic trees in a unique natural environment. Tables spread out in large, totally outdoor spaces ensure you get the privacy and intimacy you deserve at every meal. The food is 100% organic, featuring seasonal local and home-grown produce. Come try typical dishes of the Canary Islands, made with meticulous care following traditional recipes.


At Redondo de Guayedra, we have a unique wine cellar located in old outbuildings recovered and restored with loads of charm.

In our wine cellar, you can taste the best Canary Island wines, from sweet to bitter, from the current and previous vintages. Plus, we can also serve dinner in the wine cellar upon request, pairing the wines with authentic Canary Island cuisine.


The produce from our organic gardens is packed with flavour and an important part of our cooking. Raw materials that are always fresh and with the quality it takes to be certified organic producers. Eggs from our free-range geese and hens feature in some of our most delicious dishes. Our honey and organic coffee, which you can buy in our shop, delights anyone who tries it.


A very popular experience at our EcoResort! One of the most eco-friendly, original ways to cook, it saves energy and takes advantage of wood pruned from our trees. You can order special meals, enjoying the best pizzas with the family or the typical black Canarian suckling pig cooked in a highly original way.

We are ECO